The idea of honoring our fallen heroes with 3′ x 9′ banner came to Grant Bjorn on the Sunday just after Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2004. While attending Christ Lutheran’s “Beach Church” on the sand that Sunday morning the Pastor asked, “What can each person do?”

Later, when speaking with two veterans after the service, the concept of honoring and celebrating each one of our real heroes by displaying individualized banners filled with large photographs placed on light poles came to him and instantly captured his imagination.

A month later after sharing his “concept drawing” with various family members, friends, and acquaintances, he decided to share it with one of his best childhood friends, Robert Pfeiler. Robert was impressed and thrilled and immediately became an enthusiastic¬†and partner. He assisted Grant in pushing the vision to a higher level.

Together Grant and Robert were the simple foundation for a remarkable organization that consists of a nine-member all-volunteer board.

We currently have 376 banners, and in 2018 we will support over 20 events. Please View the Calendar to see where our banners will be displayed.

For the troops. For their families. For our country.