This is a passion about our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen, the extraordinary men and women in uniform whose job is to go to war when called to do so. Many serve under conditions of hardship, loneliness, fear and danger – tour after tour, year after year – just doing their job.

What our military professionals do every day, under the most hazardous conditions and without complaint, deserves our unified respect and support as a country. And when they pay the ultimate cost with their precious lives, we need to remember them.

We must celebrate these lives and the preciousness of what they represent. For their sake, for their families and ourselves as Americans, we need to honor them.

To this end, we have established the American Heroes Tribute of banners. Far too often, today, we hear harsh and divisive rhetoric in our news media, and even from our political leaders. We are not about domestic politics, international policies, nor ideological debates. We urgently need something good that we can all rally around together. It is our goal to celebrate the life of every fallen hero from Iraq and Afghanistan by creating a 3 x 9-foot banner that will display a favorite picture of them as selected by their families as well provide personal information about them.

On April 24, 2005, our acknowledgment and celebration began with more than 20 banners raised within sight of the Pacific Ocean in San Clemente, California. Since then we’ve had banner-tribute events in coordination with the City of Mission Viejo and the City of Laguna Hills. We’ve had events in San Francisco, Brea, Chino Hills, and Hemet, California. We’ve had events in many other cities, and at churches, businesses and other locations. Our goal is to take this banner tribute on tour nationally displaying one banner for every one of our fallen servicemen from Afghanistan and Iraq.

For the troops, for their families, and for our country.